The Stork Club

One of the most famous clubs of all time thaEntrance of The Stork Clubt the former Walter Winchell said to be “New Yorks, New Yorkiest place on W. 58th street” was the old Stork Club. It was a symbol of café society where movie stars, celebrities, the wealthy, showgirls and aristocrats all mixed here.

It was opened in 1929 by Sherman Billingsley an ex-bootlegger from Oklahoma on 132 West 58th street but was closed down by Prohibition agents in 1931. He moved the club to E. 51st for three years then moved it to 3 E. 53rd street and it remained there until it closed in October 1965.

Some of the famous who frequented the club over the years were Lucille Ball, Bing Crosby, the Kennedy’s, Frank Sinatra, Betty Davis, Elizabeth Taylor and many others. Not only was the stork club a great place to be but there was the exclusive Cub Room where it was carefully guarded by the nicknamed door man St. Peter who watched over the “gates of heaven”. There was many movies and references to the Stork Club over the years and even a signature cocktail, invented by legendary barman Nathanial Cook.  See a short video below.


John Apodaca