Using Eggs in Cocktails

There’s been some question about the use of eggs or egg whites in cocktails due to very health and safety questions.

Eggs have been an integral ingredient in cocktails for at least the last two hundred years. They add a silky frothiness, and body that a cocktail wouldn’t have otherwise. The reason the egg was removed from many cocktails in the last few decades was from some bad publicity. At some point in time it was stated that “eating raw eggs could lead to serious illness from salmonella.”

The FDA states that only 1 in 20,000 eggs has the salmonella bacteria. Nowhere does the National Safety Council’s data state that raw eggs are a common risk; however, death from choking on food is rated at 1 in 5000 odds. The odds of getting salmonella from an egg are extremely remote and you have a better chance of dying from accidental drowning (1 in 1,000), a storm related accident (1 in 3,000) or slipping (1 in 6,500).

Some drinks that include egg or egg whites are the following: The Los Angeles cocktail, Tom and Jerry, whiskey sour, pisco sour and my own Angels Flight. Try a few of these and you’ll be a hit at your upcoming parties for the holidays.

Cheers & God bless,Angles Flight Cocktail

John Apodaca