Tahitian Rum Punch

I’ve been to several summer parties and have accepted invitations to a few more. Rather than the host or hostess being stuck behind the wet bar or kitchen making drinks for the guests all night long consider having a Tahitian Rum punch. It’ll satisfy your guests quench, very tasty and easy to make a day ahead of time and serves plenty.
Tahitian Rum PunchTahitian Rum Punch

2 pounds of brown sugar
5 dozen oranges
4 dozen lemons
10 bananas
3 grapefruits
2 sprigs of mint
10 bottles of white wine
6 bottles of white rum ( Ron Merito, Boca Chica or Brugal )
1 bottle of Jamaican rum ( Red Hart or Myer’s )

Squeeze the fruit and slice the bananas, and put everything in a large pot, rinds and all with the exception of the rum. Strain off and discard the pulp and rinds and put in a punchbowl with plenty of ice. Let the mixture chill as long as you can stand it, the blow the starting whistle, then let the party begin!