Sloppy Joe’s

When in Havana stop in for a drink at Sloppy Joe’s went the saying in the old days. Owner Jose Garcia Abeal, had changed from food service to liquor service at the advent of prohibition so American’s were free to drink and gamble as they pleased.  Sloppy Joe’s welcomed tourists for over four decades, and offered over 80 cocktails in addition to the bar’s own brand of 12-year-old rum.  Sloppy’s Joe’s was called the most famous bar with lot’s American tourists and celebrities for four decades.  After the Cuban revolution, it lost most of its clients (90% American) and a fire consumed the interior in the 1960s.  The bar sat vacant for several years but now has been restored and reopened in 2013. One of it’s most famous drinks that’s still being served is the Sloppy Joe.

Sloppy Joe’sSloppy Joe's

2 oz pineapple juice
1 oz cognac
1 oz port wine
¼ tsp orange curacao
¼ tsp Pomegranate grenadine

Pour ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake vigorously,  strain into a 4 – 5 oz.  chilled cocktail glass.

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