Prescription Julep

We’ve often heard it said, “this will cure whatever ails you”!. There happen to be some medical humor from “A Winter in the South,” a series that ran in Harper’s Monthly in 1857. The Doctor wrote out a prescription for a patient that goes like this. White sugar, with spring water as necessary, strong cognac, spirits of Rye, mint leaves, as desired, thus we get the Prescription Julep. I recommend this for whatever ails you and guarantee whatever you’re suffering from will seem to disappear!

Cheers,Perscription Julep

John Apodaca

Prescription Julep

2 oz White sugar
1 oz Spring water
1 1/2 oz strong cognac
1/2 oz Rye Whiskey
Mint leaves as desired

Dissolve the sugar in the water, lightly press the mint leaves in the resulting syrup, add the spirits and ice, and stir. Add another sprig of mint leaves for garnish on top of the ice. Serve in a julep cup with a straw.

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