Tequila Fresca

Fresca from Spanish meaning fresh. This cocktail was made for the introduction of Jose Cuevo’s Platino (silver) and St. Germain liqueur. Combine the two along with cucumber, crushed mint, grapefruit juice and that equals wow! Refreshing taste you’ll love, again and again.Tequila Fresca

Tequila Fresca

1 oz Silver tequila

1/2 oz Saint Germain liqueur

2 Slices cucumber

3 mint leaves

1 oz grapefruit juice

Combine the cucumber, mint and Saint Germain in a bar glass and muddle (crush  ingredients slightly). Add the grapefruit juice and Tequila, fill with ice and shake. Strain into a double old fashioned glass filled with ice. Garnish with a cucumber slice and mint leaf.