Black Velvet Cocktail

Created in 1861 at the Brooks’ Club in London during England’s mourning for Prince Albert. The Champagne is said to be in mourning by combining it with the dark Guinness. Also a favorite of Prince Otto Von Bismarck of Germany. Originally served in a beer tankard, now usually served in a Champagne flute, although a white wine glass works just as well and gives it Black Velvet Cocktaila more vintage look.

Black Velvet

Fill half a flute glass with Guinness. Gently fill, or float, the champagne on top to fill the glass by pouring the champagne into the glass very slowly over a teaspoon turned upside down, making sure not to create any bubbles.

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John Apodaca

2 thoughts on “Black Velvet Cocktail

  1. I started drinking this cocktail when my then girl-friend bought me a bottle of Dom Perignon for Christmas — but what do you do with the leftover Dom? I found the recipe for the Black Velvet, and it’s been my favorite ever since. Now, I just need to come up with another bottle of Dom Perignon!


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