Something Cool Cocktail

June Christy something cool 2For over four years, I was the guest on the internet radio show Martini in the Morning in Studio City, CA.  I would introduce vintage style cocktails along with my own creations. The something cool cocktail was inspired because the co-host Miriam Garfield or (Mother Miriam) as most know her.  It was her seventy-fifth birthday so I came up with a drink in honor of the occasion, also her favorite song is something cool by June Christy.  After  some thought everyone at the station decided it should be called Something cool.

The drink is, light, very tasty and refreshing drink, good for the summer or any occasion and with only three ingredients. Please click on the link to see the video.



1 ½ oz. Sliver (white ) rum

½ oz. Hibiscus liqueur

½ oz. Simple syrup


Place rum, hibiscus liqueur, simple syrup and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for 20 – 30 seconds, pour and serve in a Collins glass over ice and enjoy.


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